Friday, January 16

Finally, someone in the media calls it like it is!

There's a great article by Daniel Lyons of NewsWeek illustrating how the media gets played by corporate P.R. departments.  He does a great job taking apart one of my least favorite business media types -- Jim Goldman.  I've seen him in action, up close and personal, and he epitomizes the typical empty-suit media type that is eating mainstream media from within.
Great quotes:
"That's what happened to the poor guy at CNBC. Sure, he got his share of "exclusive" ten-minute spots with Steve Jobs. You can find them on YouTube. They look like training videos for a correspondence course on bootlicking. Now, of course, the CNBC guy says he's outraged. He sputters about how Apple has been irresponsible and "deplorable." His pals at Apple won't care. They're already moving on to the next useful idiot. Among the Silicon Valley press corps there is no shortage of them."

Exactly, and that's one of the main reasons why people are turning to blogs as a new medium.  There are others of course (timeliness, etc...) but this reason is the one that not enough people are talking about.  Now of course, the hypocritical part of this post is that I sourced from a mainstream media itself.  So maybe I should divide my evaluation of the media into:  Those who get it (Newsweek & Daniel Lyons) vs. Those who don't (CNBC & Jim Goldman)

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