Friday, January 2

New theme alert: U.S. as a restart/reboot

Two great articles/blog posts that highlight that the U.S. needs a fundamental restructuring.  It's not that we're going through a 'bad time', it's that our systems are broken.  This is more than a simple fix and taking a page from the classic business playbook (I differentiate from the isanity that has lately been called business) the U.S. needs to restructure by improving its systems and replacing the management team.
Peter Rip's post talking about the U.S. as a "Restart" (which benefits him because I suspect that he is positioning his VC firm as specialists in restarts, especially given the money he made on the earlier cycle with the Yipes restart).
Interesting quote:
The USA looks like a classic Restart “opportunity.”  What happens in a restart?  First, existing stakeholders get wiped out; The $7T of ‘new money’ is accomplishing that. Second, management gets changed.  November 4 did that.  We now have new managers who have a four year ‘vest’ and, probably, a ~100 day cliff.   They don’t have a new incentive model – that’s a problem – and we have a tier of managers, called Congress, closely resembling the old group, except for some changes at the edges among the most junior members.
There there is Tom Friedman's "Reboot America", his article in the NYT:
For all these reasons, our present crisis is not just a financial meltdown crying out for a cash injection. We are in much deeper trouble. In fact, we as a country have become General Motors — as a result of our national drift. Look in the mirror: G.M. is us.
Glad to see that others are jumping on the train of realizing that our problems are fundamental which means they'll require some deep fixes.

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