Friday, December 5

Spitzer Takes Second Step to Salvation

Eliot Spitzer is now blogging at  As I noted earlier, this is part of a campaign to rejuvenate his image and try and restore him to a position in government (IMHO).  And I think it's a great idea that will work.  Spitzer has a very good understanding of how Wall Street manipulated its way into defrauding everyday consumers.  I'm not sure that his remedies were all that great, but I don't think there are very many government regulators who understand the systems that financiers use.  And if you don't understand how the theif is taking from you, then you can't catch the theif.  Unfortunately, Spitzer is going to be burnt on the cross by neo-conservatives and religious zealots for his personal weaknesses.  Which will be too bad because he might be a great weapon against the injurious greed of Wall Street.
His article is here.  It's another damning piece about how our lovely political leaders are treating the symptoms instead of the disease.  Very similar to the ideas promoted by Fareed Zakaria in The Post-American World.

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