Saturday, November 29

The Jones have to be a joke.

NYT article about two engineers in Silicon Valley that have a hard time living within their means of...wait for it...$250K a year. Usually I'm a fan of the New York Times, but this time, they've engaged in what I like to call Sorority Journalism. It goes something like this:
There are these two totally, like, middle-class people who were totally like trying to live on, like $250K a year, right? As if! And now they're totally trying to live like "within their means" -- sooo 1993, right? So, apparently it's like really really hard to do that and they talk about how, like, it's sooo hard to do that, right? I know -- bananas! But now they're all like, "We don't spend any more than we make." and all. I know, tragic. No more Coach for them. They're so totally Target now.

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