Wednesday, July 2

13 basis points! OMG!! Run for the hills!!!

Calculated Risk once again breathlessly presents data regarding an increase in delinquent HELOC and credit card payments. They are (get this) an entire 13 basis points higher!!! What's funny is that now people are throwing around terms like basis points when most of the public has no idea what a basis point is. Do you know? You might know that a basis point is one hundredth of a percentage point. So therefore, the delinquincy rate rose from 4.38% to 4.51%. Which is (again, hold on to your seats) the highest rate since 2006!
Wha?!?? 2006? They're alarmed because delinquincy rates are reapproaching 2006 levels? 2006 was nothing. Is nothing. This is not news. This is taking a molehill and making it a mountain. It really makes me wonder what CalculatedRisk's motivations are here. It might be that they are simply trying to keep and grow readership of the World's Coming To An End crowd. I think these are the same people who voted for George Bush and love data that confirms their own suspicions. Objective analysis is not their strong point.

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